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orpheus_coverOrpheus (2021)
A meditation in music, a journey within ourselves, an immersive experience with Rainer Maria Rilke's poems, Mariangela Zabatino's paintings and Rêverie's music. Loosely based on Rilke's “Sonette an Orpheus”, D'Annunzio's “Alcyone” and Ovid's “Metamorphoses”. Dreamy, atmospheric and Mediterranean sounds will take you on an uplifting, exciting journey! Join the dance of Orpheus, join the dance of life! The Gods watch and listen ... and it's us.
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Gnos gnos_coverfurlanis, il timp dal sium (2015)

(Friulian nights, the Dreamtime)
What connects the poems of Pier Paolo Pasolini, the Dreamtime of Australian aborigines, the arcane Friulian healers called Benandanti and ethno-progressive music? You may discover this and much more in “Gnos furlanis, il Timp dal Sium”, candidate in 2016 as “best album in dialect or minority language” for the prestigious Italian award Targhe Tenco.
Ancient and modern sounds dress the poems of great authors from a region in the heart of Europe.
Discover the beautiful sweetness of the Friulian language!
“Friuli is a small compendium of the universe”. (Ippolito Nievo)
"Gnos furlanis, il Tempo del Sogno" is also a show, wherein the ensemble performs on stage along with an actor, a choir and an artist in live-painting.
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REVADO (2011)revado_cover

The first album in Esperanto and Italian.

The first progressive album in Esperanto.

A double album containing ten songs for tasting the flavour of Esperanto language and ten songs in Italian, under the banner of a striking "etno-progressive" sound.

From the journeys of Touareg traders to the borderless horizons of the Silk Road, from red sunsets on the woods of the Great North to the Oceans's depths.

Images painted with music and told in Esperanto, to unite the whole world with an imaginary flight and a symbolic embrace.

An ode to human soul's need to range over and always seek for new horizons.

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(Shakespeare, the woman, the dream)

An anthology of shakespearian sonnets and songs from the Elizabethan age, revised and set to music by Rêverie ensemble and sung with the original pronunciation.

It also contains original music composed by the ensemble. 

Passion, madness, bitterness, irony, tenderness, nostalgia... The several shades of a love relationship depicted by the Swan of Stratford's timeless verses. The narrator is Yorick, joker at the ancient court of Elsinore, whose unburied soul tries invane to remember the only love of his life. Within a dreamy atmosphere, a very young actor and poet with playwright ambitions comes back to Yorick’s mind: Will Shakespeare! The fellowship between Yorick and Will is clouded by the advent of a "dark lady", whose deep and perverse fascination subjugates both of them. This encounter will mark a turning point in their lives. Yorick, who has lost memory of the beloved lady's name and face, is forced to seek for her features and memory within his friend and rival's verses, since the "black dame" left an indelible trace in each one of the female characters put on a play, or sung, by Shakespeare. Will Yorick be able to give back life to his sole beloved lady?
“Shakespeare, la donna, il sogno” is also a concert show, in which sonnets and songs are introduced by short readings and the lead singer, who is also a mime/actress, interacts with the images produced in live painting and projected onto a screen on the stage.

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***Available in digital format only***

This is the album that paved the way on which we now walk. For these songs we focused on chamber-music-oriented arrangements, with baroque, middle-eastern and ambient influences, also rearranging ancient tunes and including several newly composed melodies.

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demo2002_coverDEMO 2002
***Out of stock***

This demo was an attempt to reach a wider audience with five pop/rock songs, each of them in its own style. Two songs have male lead vocals, two songs have female lead vocals and one song is an instrumental. 
This demo showed an improvement in the sound quality, having been recorded with HD technology and mixed by Simone Stucchi (sound engineer of the prog-rock group The Watch). 

demo1998_coverDEMO 1998
***Out of stock***

Our first demo, recorded on a 4-track digital device, with all instruments played and/or programmed by Valerio Vado and all vocal parts sung by Fanny Fortunati.
The music  is in the wake of the 70's Italian symphonic/ progressive rock. 
This demo contains the first versions of our revergreen "Principe di un attimo" (re-recorded for the US compilation CD "Goin' back home, Vol. 4" by Quickstar Productions 2008) and "Forum Julii" pt.1 (re-recorded for "Gnos furlanis")