Northern Italian band Reverie performs alluring music that crosses the boundaries of progressive rock and world music. On its new album On Gnos Furlanis – Il timp dal sium (Friulian Nights, the Dreamtime) Reverie uses a combination of acoustic European and Aboriginal Australian musical instruments and progressive rock instrumentation.

At times, Reverie sounds like a beautiful melodic Italian progressive rock band with the use of classically-influenced keyboards, guitars and flutes. But then they venture into Italian folk music traditions, Medieval sounds, and global music elements featuring clarinet, drums and didjeridoo.

The lineup includes Fanny Fortunati on lead vocals and percussion; Alberto Sozzi on clarinet,keyboards and didjeridoo; Valerio Vado on guitar, keyboards and vocals; and Daniele Defranchis on guitar. Guest include Lello Narcisi on flute and the Policrome Khoros choir.

Gnos Furlanis – Il timp dal sium showcases the rising talent of Reverie, with a good balance of upbeat global music pieces and progressive rock-oriented material.

Italian Ethno Prog